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September, 2011 Archive

Sep 28

Nueromancer is by far one of the most complicated books I have ever read. This novel not only submerses the reader into a world they do not know, but also expects the reader constantly fight to understand the world. In class we talked about how the first six chapters bombarded the reader with image after […]

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Sep 19

“The Comet” by W.E.B. Dubois is a fantastic sorry about a comet which wipes out all humans in the vicinity of the two main characters; a poorer black man and a rich white women. The two work together to try and find help throughout the first day of the Apocalypse. As night falls the two feel as […]

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Sep 14

Oh the difference that changes make. Frankenstein is a book that has captured the attention of thousands of readers since it’s publication in 1818. It was initially criticized as an “abomination” but soon gained the admiration of it’s readers. Frankenstein quickly gained popularity and was adapted into many plays, of at least one Shelly witnessed. […]

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Sep 06

I was thinking today what I would write for my first blog post. Frankenstein has been exceedingly interesting, but I couldn’t help think about our discussion between the differences in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I sat and talked to my friends about what really made the two distinct. At first they mentioned things, such as the excessive use of technology […]

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