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Oct 31

To my beloved Akin, I am excited to say that with your birth comes the rebirth of the entire human race. You are, as I’m sure you will perceive very soon, the first male child born to a human mother since we were “saved” by the Oankali. As with your sisters I am sure you […]

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Oct 26

At the begging of Dawn we are introduced to Lilith a woman who has been living in confinement for what seems like many years. She hasn’t been in control of anything besides her own sanity and will to live. Her life seems alien to us, and we soon learn that it was indeed aliens who […]

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Oct 17

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We3 is a Graphic Novel full of horrid, grotesque and occasionally sweet images. While definitely a book which speaks against the mistreatment of animals and the abuse of power, by those in power; it also shows how there are people who are truly benevolent and exist on a higher level. One of the pages I […]

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